Owner/Operators are HVH's Best Asset

HVH Transportation is a Colorado based company with strong Family Roots, serving hundreds of satisfied shippers and receivers in the West and Midwest for over 50 years.

"Our Truckload Division is made up of 100% owner/operators because we believe that individual truck owners are the safest, most dependable, most service minded group of drivers in the trucking business. HVH believes in recruiting and rewarding good owner/operators by treating them well and providing a fair and straightforward compensation package.  80% of our owner/operator family stays with HVH.  That way, we ensure that they will make HVH their long-term home, and continue to provide our customers with the highest level of service."

- Bruce Holder, President of HVH Transportation

It pays to contract with HVH Transportation:

  • .91 Cents per mile - loaded and empty single (effective 02/12/15)
  • .96 Cents per mile - loaded and empty team (effective 02/12/15)
  • National and Western U.S. FUEL SURCHARGE PAID ON ALL MILES
  • Performance Based Bonus up to $.015 per mile
  • $30.00 per stop
  • Lumpers
  • Road taxes
  • Tolls

HVH also provides:

  • License and registration at NO COST
  • Annual inspections at NO COST
  • Emission testing at NO COST
  • Group Physical Damage and Bobtail Insurance plan
  • Tire purchasing plan with great savings
  • Direct deposit for settlements
  • No requirement for escrow or deposits

And HVH ensures:

  • You will average 4-10 days out with regular returns home
  • Weekly safety training
  • Face-to-face and telephone dispatch - no satellites! (we do it the old-fashioned way)
  • Dry freight loads - no refrigerated
  • West coast, Southwest and Midwest customers - no east coast loads!

Best Driver Domicile Areas
HVH avoids the hassles of East coast driving by focusing on a customer base from the Midwest to the West coast. Our drivers love the convenience of living and driving in these areas because they get more miles, and they get a chance to be home more often.

We offer opportunities for drivers domiciled in Colorado, the Midwest, the Southwest and Southern California. Call us at (800) 424-2150 ext. 185 to explore your options.

Compare the advantages of HVH

  • We operate with 100% owner/operators.  There is no competition with company drivers.
  • HVH is a financially stable company since 1956.
  • Solid Fortune 500 customer base.
  • Low turnover rate. Talk to our current owner/operators about their satisfaction.  80% stay with HVH.
  • Consistent mileage averaging over 10,000 miles per month.
  • 3 settlements/week, average 8-day settlement cycle.
  • No forced dispatch.
  • Experienced, mature dispatchers with knowledge of owner/operator needs.
  • Strong, aggressive sales force focused on current customer satisfaction and future growth.

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